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Why I didn't renew...

I have been with Godaddy hosting since at least June 2006. Sometime after that, maybe 2014, Godaddy deleted ALL MY EMAIL ACCOUNTS! Since I can't trust Godaddy to be reliable, I see no reason to renew. I have spent thousands of dollars on Godaddy's products and services since 2004. But that obviously counts for NOTHING in their corporate minds.
Good luck to anyone who thinks they will get treated fairly by Godaddy. (And I'm not the only one who has suffered this; Google and you will see.)
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Super User II

Re: Why I didn't renew...




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Re: Why I didn't renew...

I did call Godaddy last year. I spoke to a woman who said she looked back a
few years and saw no record of emails or even an email account (I even gave
her the exact address). Then she transferred me to a guy who told me that
the economy / economy classic hosting I had was never entitled to free
email addresses, and then tried to sell me one for a hundred dollars!
Another matter: even though I turned off autorenew a while ago, I am still
getting billed $2.99 monthly for some "product"!
You can see why I am very unhappy with Godaddy!
Jonathan Foulkes


Re: Why I didn't renew...

Hi there @bronson2. Thanks for posting and being a part of the GoDaddy Community!


I'm so sorry to hear about your issues with your email addresses. If the addresses were removed more than 30 days ago, we don't really have a way to go back and find those emails and reinstate them into your account. 


If you're seeing a renewal happening in your account that you're not wanting, then I would recommend checking out this guide to see what is being auto renewed in your account. 


You should be able to see what the product is you're being billed for and then use these steps to remove the product from your account if it is no longer needed. You can also check to see if you're eligible for a refund and if so, you can contact our live support team where they can assist you with your refund request. I hope this helps you out!


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Re: Why I didn't renew...

Your cold response gives me all the more reason to terminate my association with Godaddy!