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    Accommodation calendar - integrate on our website?

    Hi, we have built a website to advertise accommodation on our Farm.  We have the house advertised through online travel agents and the calendar is managed by a Channel Manager (Site Minder).  We have been provided a URL (https://apac.littlehotelier.com/properties/lochsloyfarmstaydirect) to this calendar that they've said we can integrate on our website so that the calendar appears and is live and interactive so people can see what's available at what rate, and book from there too... that doesn't seem to work.  I've asked the Channel Manager for the HTML but they said this is all they usually provide.  Is there a way I can use the URL on our website to make the calendar appear on the page?

    Thanks, Sarah    

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    I think they want you to just link to that page, it's not really formatted to be embedded on another page.