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    Could use your opinions on the website for my church !!!

    Created a site for my church....for the first time....and wondered if the family here can maybe take a stroll through it and let me know if there are any suggestions you have to improve it. I think it may look nice, just now sure if there is more out there that I don't know about, that maybe I could utilize to make is better for all. 


    Thanks !!!




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    Re: Could use your opinions on the website for my church !!!



    You've done a great job -- I can tell you've worked very hard on your site!  Just a couple suggestions...


    => On several pages you have email addresses displayed that are clickable.  Those addresses will be farmed by bots and those folk's spam will increase exponentially!   It is better to have a contact form to avoid that.  Or, ASCII the addresses in the code so bots can't pick them up.


    => There are paragraph breaks missing in a lot of the content.  And some of the content is in big blocks which makes it look difficult to read (onliners tend to scan).   You want to have a extra blank line between paragraphs to visually break them up.   When it comes to reading online, short paragraphs (2-3 sentences each) works best.  So you'll want to go through your content and add lines between paragraphs and in some cases additional paragraph breaks.


    => Not sure why God's Images Outdoor Services & Picnic are at the bottom of every page.  They seem out of place.  I would add those to the top menu.   Footer menus are generally used for a handful of the most looked for items.  In your case I would have Contact, Calendar, Services, Ministries.  And the copyright notice should be the very last thing on the page.


    => Not a fan of the black background and white text. If you notice most sites have text on a light background.  Colors matter because of how they make folks feel.   When I think of St. Peter or Christ I think of light, hope and joy (like your homepage graphic).  The current colors are the opposite of that.  I would consider going with a light color background and more uplifting color palette.   You can sample colors from your homepage graphic or create your own color palette here.


    HTH! Smiley Wink


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