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Create and send marketing emails

Email is one of the best ways to reach your customer and is the only communication channel you fully control. Here’s how to send newsletters, coupons, announcements and other marketing emails to your subscribers. (If there's a Magic wand indicating AI features available magic wand symbol, it means the feature offers help through artificial intelligence.)

Note: Email marketing is only available on your desktop and is not available in the GoDaddy app.

1: Compose a marketing email

Go to the email marketing area of your Websites + Marketing or Digital Marketing account and start the email.

2: Add content to your marketing email

Add a logo, text, images and other content to your email—everything you need to say what you want to say.

3: Change the look of your marketing email

Change colors, fonts and buttons for your email.

4: Add recipients to your marketing email

Your email is written, and now it’s time to designate who’s going to receive it.

5: Finalize details and send the marketing email

Give everything a last check and send your email.

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