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Add content to my marketing email

Step 2 of Create and send marketing emails.

Your marketing emails need content, so now let’s add what you want to tell people. Use one or more of these content types when writing your email:

Subject line

The subject line is like the title or cover of a book: it engages the reader and encourages them to open the email (or not). The best email subject lines are short, concise, personalized and mobile friendly; use powerful and emotive words; and aren’t spammy.

The subject line is at the top of your email.

  • If you’re using a prior email as a template, it’ll already have a subject line but you’ll want to edit it.
  • If you’re using a blank email or a new template, you’ll need to write a new subject line.

Some people like to write the subject line first, before they write the rest of the email, and others prefer to write it last. If you create some content first, you can ask AI to suggest a subject line for your email. Look for the Magic wand indicating AI features available magic wand symbol.

Disclaimer: When using AI tools, avoid entering sensitive information and always review output for accuracy.

Regardless of when you prefer to write your subject line, here's a GoDaddy blog post on how to write good email subject lines.
Required: You must have a subject line before you can select Continue and add recipients.


Click in the email composer area and select the +. Choose Text or Layouts. If you chose Layouts, select the layout you want to use.

To add text, place your cursor anywhere to add to what’s there. Use the return key to add new paragraphs.

Note: The first text you type after the banner image will be used as your email’s preview text. People see the preview text after the subject line when they see your email in their inboxes, so make sure the first few sentences hook your reader.

Highlight text to modify how it looks. The T toggles between primary and secondary font. Other choices are bold, italic, underline, link, bulleted lists, numbered lists, paragraph alignment, text size and tagging.

To delete text, highlight the text and use the delete key. Or start typing and your new text will replace the old text.

The next step, change the look, will help you change the text font, color and size.


To add a button, click in the email composer and use the + to add a button. Customize the button text. Remember to keep it short and use strong action words. Where it reads "https://", add the URL where you want the button to link to.

To edit a button's text or URL, select it and edit it.

Button styles are edited in the next step on changing the look.


To add an image, click in the email composer and select the +. The three options that allow you to add images are:

  • Image: Choose a stock photo or one of your own images from your Media Library (an existing or a new uploaded image). This is a good option if you want to do something like add a funny .gif or a meme to your email.
  • Layouts: Add a text/image combination or two images side-by-side.
  • Image templates: Open the Content Creator to make images that look like you hired a designer (but really you did them yourself).

If you want to add or change an image, select it and then choose one of the options. You can replace it with another image, link it to a URL, change the settings (size, rotate, alt text and caption text) or delete it.

Video links

If you want to send your subscribers a video, you’ll need to make it look like there’s a video, without directly attaching a video. Sending a video embedded in a marketing email is not a good idea. The attachment makes your email look like spam or a virus, so your email is likely to be blocked by most email clients. A large attachment is also a bad experience for your recipients.

Instead, take a thumbnail of your video and use the Image Templates option to add a triangle play button on the thumbnail.

Once your modified thumbnail is added to the email, select it to edit it. Use the hyperlink icon to link to your video location on Vimeo, YouTube or wherever your video can be played.

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