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    My website redirects to a Casino Site - Help Please !

    Hi there,


    My website is hosted here since 2013, and it has been working fine. Now i am facing some issue, that my google result pages are getting descriptions of some casino site, and my search results are leading to a casino site. I have tried searching things over internet and came to know it might be due to hack. I tried checking my site with malware checking plugins but nothing found, but again all of my backlinks from google and facebook are going to that casino site.


    I will appreciate if somebody can help me on this to identify the reason, and help me resolve the issue. My google ranking is dropping due to this mess.


    I will appreciate quick response and serious offer to resolve the issue by professionals, especially somebody from godaddy who can resolve my issue.


    Thanks and best regards

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    Hi @YasirButt,


    i am not saying you are doing this but some smart guys out there will use this technique if someone is hotlinking into their site pages!!!

    So they will use a clever bit of code to show the proper display for genuine visitors, but something entirely different for someone stealing their bandwidth by hotlinking. 

    The only way to stop that clever bit of code is to not hot link into their site. Read about hotlinking on Wikipedia. 


    So so you say their is no malicious code, no, you wouldn't find any if someone is using that hotlinking trick. Personally I don't have a problem with that trick because after all, using someone else's bandwidth cost the other guy money, its theft really. So many do it as a lazy way to get the resources they need for their site, and also to save using all their bandwidth. Some sites allow a certain amount, government info sites for example and quite a few others too. That's one reason curl was invented, but some private sites don't like you making a hotlinking to display their resources on your site by creating a direct link. 


    I am not ruling out a hack, just offering one malware program too. Read up on hotlinking and chat with support if the issue persists.