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    Visits but no sales

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to web building. I have a new website and it’s getting visits, but no sales. Could anyone take a look at my website and see if I’ve done something wrong? Not sure if credit cards are working, I did make a purchase from my site and that worked. I’m getting more and more frustrated. My site is www.theshakerboxshop.com
    Thank you all so much, Mike.
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    Super User III

    Re: Visits but no sales

    Hey there!


    Everything seems to be functioning correctly on your site. (I like the design, btw. It's very nice and doesn't look like every other GoCentral site out there.) 


    My guess is that you just don't have the SEO yet to really drive sales. What kind of promotional work are you doing to draw visitors to the site? Facebook and other social media platforms are good places to advertise as well as getting listed as a business by Google and Yelp. A lot of that can be done within the GoCentral platform itself.


    That being said, it does take time. It depends just as much on your efforts to get your name out there as it does with some random algorithm ranking you on search engines. You need to budget for marketing. You need to decide what locality/region where you want to focus. Start writing the occasional blog on the site, talking about your products, and invite customer feedback. Start a Facebook page for your business and self-promote through there. There's literally tons of ways you can drive traffic to your site and then money to your wallet.


    Also, if this sounds expensive, it can be. A good rule of thumb, though, that someone gave me back in the day is if you're not spending more on your business than you are on your cell phone bill every month, then you're a hobbyist, not a business. 


    1. Budget appropriately.
    2. Come up with a plan of attack for your marketing.
    3. Execute and be consistent.
    4. Profit.

    Not sure if that's much help but I hope there's something in there that could help you out.

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    Re: Visits but no sales

    Beautiful products, too bad that you have them hidden so deep in your web site.

    Personally I would put your best and most unique upfront as a welcome splash for all to see.

    You are competing with the world, so why not show off why you are so special ????