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    Would Like Feedback and SEO Help for my Acoustic Audio Transfer Business

    Hello! I'm Dan Lewis, and my company is Acoustic Audio Transfer & Recording, which is a service that transfers old recordings on reel and cassette tape, DAT and vinyl records, transfers them to digital, then applies various re-mastering techniques like noise reduction, EQ and compression to greatly enhance the quality and listen-a-bility of the old transferred recordings. I have done many projects with great historic significance, and many that have saved the voices of loved ones passed on and family history for future generations. The end results can be amazing, bringing lost details and words forward into clarity and definition.  I have done some truly remarkable projects, but currently am not getting any calls from my website; I have decades of experience, but local searches result in my site at the bottom of the search-page. I asked for help from Godaddy, but all they would offer me is to double my monthly fees. Since I have no business, that isn't possible at this time. Any assistance on how to get my site out there and get some traffic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,  Dan

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    When I visited your site, it was like I was in the wayback machine.  Which sorta applies to what you do.  Your site is right out of the early days of the web.   Black background with white a florescent text. That worked then but not now.


    Sites don't get rankings simply because they exists.  Visitors aren't going to read endlessly scrolling text on a black background either.  


    As far as Google goes those stuffed keywords at the bottom of every page are not doing you any favors.  Remove them.


    Get your @yahoo address off the page and link to a contact form and use an for email.


    The good news is I would have to imagine that your market is not overly saturated.  With a new updated and contemporary look using vintage or period appropriate graphics you could re-introduce yourself online


    White background with readable text that talks about all the projects you've done with historical signfigance.  You have those remarkable projects that can set you apart.


    It's time to step up your game with a new site that looks like today so you can offer your services to those who want to archive the past.


    HTH! 😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Hello @Muse,

    and thanks for your valuable insights into the visuals of my website; I will certainly review and edit with your suggestions in mind. What I also need help with is any suggestions in how to improve my search position, currently coming in near the bottom of the page. If anyone out there has insights about things like keywords, SEO and site-wide code, or any advice on how to become seen in searches, please let me know.  Thanks again,  DL



    The things I mentioned to you will help with your SEO.   SEO is not about doing a single or a couple things or adding keywords here or there and then rankings happen. 


    Yes there are basics....  Have your primary keyword in your page title, in the first paragraph, in a subheading and with similar/synonyms peppered throughout each page.  But that's not the end all be all.  (Google uses 100s of factors in ranking every site.)


    It's about have a contemporary up-to-date site that contains content folks are reading and sharing.  Social activity and shares are big for rankings.  You have to be "out there" working it!  As are backlinks to your site because your site is great looking and the content is so good that folks are sharing and linking to it.


    Here's an article I send my clients to: Wrap Your Head Around Great Organic Search Engine Rankings


    HTH! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin