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    Auction closed before set date?? - Expired domain auction

    Expired domain auction was supposed to end in 3 days, closed yesterday?? What the hell

    And we don't even receive notifications when someone bids.

    Highly valuable domain too! What a scam.

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    Hi @Angr


    Thank you for you post and sorry to hear that you were unable to capture the domain via the expired auctions. 


    As the auction was closed early, it is most likely that the original registrant redeemed the domain before the auction closed and assigned a winner. 


    The current registrant can reclaim the domain name from redemption up to 42 days after expiration. If the current registrant renews the domain name, we cancel the auction and refund any bids.


    More information may be found in the following article:


    Bidding on Expiring Domain



    Hope this helps!