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    Linking all domains from my site, to GoDaddy vs internal payment system

    I'm currently choosing the godaddy option - all links available, pending listing updated


    Anyway, backlinks for this is a huge plus. And customer confidence in the sale must be a plus.


    Will it negatively impact the closing of sales?


    Also, all listing allow for minimum offer $20, regardless of sale price.

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    I dont know to do with this.I need moore help

    What do you want to do exactly?

    I link all my sites to BrandBookie. com as this is my online marketplace

    I simple select all

    for,ward up om the top

    forward dns

    type im the url

    that ot, does this jelp
    s ot. does tyyjos jelp


    Please help me, i just want to verify ma ownershi of my site to Google

    seriously, you are not explainimg yourself correctly, and you need to contact the GoDaddy team.


    That's all I;m offerinmg you.


    They eill walk you though it step by step


    that's their jonn

    Hi @Milivoje,


    Welcome to the Community!

    You appear to have tagged along to another post that was not relevant to your issue. Please see the following link in order to post your issue in this Community, in the proper forum (Domain Management?) so that the volunteers here can provide the proper assistance. 




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    If you want to link all your godaddy accounts to the one place

    * sSelect All
    * Forward dns
    * type in the url of you payment service... which I assime has the list of gomains - oayID amd price etc