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90 day auctions ending before listed time - Domain Auction Selling.

I have had a few hundred good names listed on Godaddy auctions for a few years. I have noticed that the 90 day auction ends hours before the 'auction ends' time date stamp on the 'domain detail' pages for each domain as well as spreadsheets I have downloaded previously, and in my Domain Auction Selling List my domains then show up with (for example) 90 days 12 hours left. And yes I know the date stamps are PDT time.  
This is extremely frustrating when you have gotten out of bed at 3.00am to make a few changes before the auction is supposed to end, only to find that it ended hours previously. What gives?

UPDATE: Another 62 of my domains listed on 90-day auction have just ended 16 hours before the official end time! I don't know how they can sell a product that is faulty !!! I tried ringing Godaddy support last week but got placed in a waiting queue for 15 minutes before I hung up. Do you think Godaddy support read these complaints?