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Osmany - access the domain auction page.

When I log-in with my account and try to access the domain auction page then I get sent to this troubleshooting page:

When I try to list a domain then it happens again. The same thing happens when I try to manage auction details on my domain details page on my account or when I try to manage auctions on the product page on my account. When I log out then I can reach the auction page just fine but when I am logged in then I only get to this page

What am I missing?


Hi @osmany,


This sounds almost like a browser caching issue.  Have you tried different browsers, or clearing cache and cookies?  That would be the first step I would take.  If you're still having issues after that, perhaps reach out to our Customer Care team to see if there's any known issues going on.



ML - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Please email with your customer number so we can pull your account information and give you a more detailed answer.