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Youtuber using my domain name? help?

a youtuber is using my domain name for his channel -- Do have the right to ask for it to be removed? and how do I go about it because at this point they are being rude about it--I own rights to several komikkris and comicchris domains and he is using comicchris as his channel?--any and all help appreciated and thanks in advance

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You will have to file a formal DMCA/Copright Infringement notice with Google/YouTube:


How to Submit a Copyright Takedown Notice


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Thanks as a matter fact I already did that this afternoon and have not heard from them yet. At least your answer tells me I'm heading In the correct direction 1st. by chance any idea how long they can take and if they don't do I have legal rights here?--Again thanks

@comicchris, This likely isn't going to be resolved by copyright or DMCA. This is a trademark issue. The problem here is "comicchris" is very generic. Were you using it first, or was he? Since it's on Youtube, and is not an issue of having a copycat domain (ie, it's not as simple as claiming he's using your name. He would need to have a channel called "" for there to be an issue. 

I did the research.  His youTube Channel was started Feb 17, 2014


ComicChris on YouTube


And as I see the website was created September 24, 2015; 


My guess is there isn't too much you can do about it.