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Cannot change domain settings

I have transferred a domain to GoDaddy.  I used the valid authentication tokens and the process completed - in other words there are no transfers pending in the "transfers" section of my account page.


When I click on domain settings I am not able to update the contact information.

When I click on Manage DNS I get a message saying "We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us."


How can I get control of the domain and be able to change the DNS settings?


Hello @andybeak!


Thank you for posting! You would need to bring DNS control back to your account with us. You can do that by changing the nameservers of the domain to standard


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi @Heather


Thanks for the link, but this does not solve the problem.  


When I reach step 4 "Under Nameservers, click Change" there is no option to do so on the screen.


There is no option to set the nameservers to "standard"