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Problems with transferring a domain to another account in Godaddy



I am attempting to transfer several domains to the person I sold them to, who has a Godaddy account.

So I am transferring domains names from my Godaddy account to his Godaddy account. It should be quiet a simple process.


When I go through the steps there is no option to Keep the current nameservers for this domain.



When the new owner attempts to verify ownership he gets the following error.




I went on to Godaddy chat support and was told I would have to purchase Godaddy hosting, move the websites and change the nameservers. So, they are saying I have to purchase a month's hosting, move the sites to Godaddy hosting just so I can transfer the domains to the new owner. That doesn't sound right. It sounds ridiculous.  





Re: Problems with transferring a domain to another account in Godaddy

Hi @kokorozashi,


Welcome to the Community!


No, you don't need to purchase a hosting plan in order to move domains to another account. However, if you are using Premium DNS (and the other account is not) - or visa-versa - you will not be able to change the nameservers for the move. Also, certain CCTLD domains have nameserver requirements that may not be met in this move. Your best option will be to change the nameservers prior to moving by choosing the "default" option as in the instructions. 


There are a few things to check for when moving a domain to another GoDaddy account. 

> Be sure the domain does not have Privacy or Protected Registration applied

> Check that the account the domain is moving TO has a complete profile, so the registrant information can be completed.

> The domain must be in an active status (not expired or in ICANN verification)


There are some CCTLDs (country-code domains) that can't be moved to another account. You're best to check with the support team for help with those. 



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