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demain transfer project canceled and do not know how to do

I lost my deadline to transfer my domain from other vendor though I have paid Godaddy. Now I notice I have forgotten to complete the tranfer process until Godaddy send an email to me to say that the transfer project has been canceled. From the system the system Domain panel, I could not find the transfer process again, when I input the transfer ID and transfer code on a new transfer, it hints that "this transfer has been accepted". How can I do for this? Start a new transfer request and ask for refund?

Super User II

Yes.  Contact support directly so they can credit your account, then use that credit to purchase another transfer.

thanks for your reply. But it is unconvient for me to call them, how can I read them by text/email?  I have checked it over and found no interface on text/email communication with them. In term of  this, they are pretty unfriendly! I do not think I will continue to buy their service because of this!