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unable to transfer domain to another godaddy account- showing current status unavailable

hello there


when i am trying to transfer the domain to another godaddy account then it is showing ""the feature is unavailable due to current status of domain"" this one

actually i tried 2 times earlier to update the contact details to transfer the domain and then cancel the request of the domain but this time it is not allowing me to change as it is showing that "cancellation is in process"" check this

how can i change the contact address and transfer the domain with this error why it is showing 


also i have point out the current domain to another host siteground could that be the reason 


thank u in advance guys

Former Employee

Hi @devilinside,


You may have a pending action or update of some type already in place (such actions are mutually exclusive). However, everything I can see on the public side indicates the domain in the referenced link is active, so this should work:


Contact Support if this doesn't resolve it, they can help reset whatever action is holding this up.


I hope that helps,
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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