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    Getting Started

    Add Facebook Pixel to Quick Shopping Cart (QSC)

    Has anyone developed a workaround to add a facebook pixel to their QSC cart? Would the developers add a place in the webmaster tools area of QSC so that we can take advantage of this?

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    Getting Started

    Still hoping for an answer...

    Hello and thanks for reaching out here. Based on my research, once you create the Facebook Pixel you will implement the pixel code into the website header. Access to the Quick Shopping Cart store header can be edited ( so adding the code shouldn't be a problem. 

    Naterx - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Thank you. I'll try it and see. 

    I can see where to add the pixel on the back end of the cart but I do not see where to add the code for the specific events, like "purchase" since this specific code needs to be added to just the "thank you" page, can this event code be added? 

    Hi Did you even figure out how to do this., I am trying to add the pixel codes to the website but don't know what code to put where.


    Thank you very much