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    Add HTML to Website Builder vNext

    Hi! I need to add some html code to my site built in Website Builder vNext, However I can't find the HTML code option in the editor.

    Could you kindly help?





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    Hi @AdrianaFL, thanks for posting.

    Website Builder vNext does not have an option to add HTML to the site. There isn't a code editor or something similar.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status

    Hey there Moderator..

    Can you please recheck this info as we were told by your " Lets talk" online help system that you can inject HTML using the Website Builder.

    If you can't then you really, really need to tell the helpdesk to catch up with present software!!

    Good job we're still in our free month trial time. Think we'll be moving on from Website Builder if we can't input a wee bit of our own code.


    Is there any FTP access our site creations? We could just FTP the site down, make our mods & then FTP it back once done, if there were 

    vNext is brand new, that Let's Talk you are referring to is talking about v6/v7, and hasn't been updated yet.  vNext has it's pros, please see my other post

    This is ridiculous, you get better functionality from a free website creator. Your product is the biggest waste of money I have ever experienced!

    Getting Started

    So...I just got off the phone with GoDaddy support and apparently the answer is "NO".  You can not add html to GoCentral Website Builder. 

    Really?  Oh but wait...

    They said they do have a drag and drop style website builder but if you're still on your free month trial of GoCentral, that does NOT matter and in order to use it you are required to pay first. 

    Really?  Give me a break!

    This is ridiculous and I do not see not a shimmer of worth for the GoCentral builder.  What CAN you do with it?  Seems like a whole lot of nothing for a whole LOT of money.

    Why do we not have the option from the get-go to choose the interface of the builder we are using...?

    Not all of us have the same needs when it comes to building a website and if the option is available, why not offer it to us up front?

    Soooooo disappointed in GoDaddy right now, the big name of domains and website support...psssshh.

    I expect more, really...this is garbage to say the least.

    @AdrianaFL wrote:

    Hi! I need to add some html code to my site built in Website Builder vNext, However I can't find the HTML code option in the editor.

    Could you kindly help?






    wow, that's terrible. I actually paid for my site and thought that adding html/being able to modify some css is pretty normal - they would definitely have it!! Now i am stuck!!!! The slideshow on my home page takes up the entire page height and i just wanted to reduce the height of the slideshow! No way of doing that, i guess.... Sheesh... that's bad.

    Agree.....this is rubbish....cancelling GO Daddy web site builder today......CRAP!

     I also needed to add html code. this is not what i expected and i have no control over any of the actual coding. 

    not happy at all.


    So I am trying to find an option to make a custom section or make my own page; or find the html code for the website; like it says here  https://ca.godaddy.com/help/add-html-code-to-page-12286; except i guess i am using the newer version of the website builder so i am not sure where I can find the steps for that.



    if you have your own hosting create a subdomain of the site, create the page elsewhere load it to you hosting and create a link in the page

    Yeah, I think if you publish to their alternative publish website, then you can use their editor to get a structure going, copy the code, paste it to your actual .com, then edit freely.


    The upgrade on website builder by godaddy has in fact been a downgrade. I should have done a little bit more research before paying for the 1-year website builder. its a shame there are no options to add an htlm code or try to modify or play around the website builder. I dont think i am gonna renew my website builder next year. totally disappointed godaddy.

    It fully sucks that they do not let you use HTML in the website builder.