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    Adding HTML code to " the closing </head> tag"

    I'm trying to get my email subscription form to pop up. I have to copy and paste my HTML code right before  the closing </head> tag. I don't know how to find the closing head tag. Is this even possible with this GoCentral builder?

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    Helper II

    There is currently no access to the Go Central HEAD section...   but the HTML section in Go Central is stuffed into an iframe...    Try a HTML section with your appropriate HEAD and BODY tags and see if it works correctly for your purpose...   Note that MS Edge gets cranky if there are more than 1800-2000 chars of code in the iframe HTML section and will not render.   Most other browsers are OK.


    Cheers,   🙂

    GoDaddy subscription form specifically states "Side Tab Embed Code paste this code above the closing body tag of your website." So if they are saying this is possible, then it should be.




    I have the same problem.

    I don't know if you found a solution, if so please share it, if not then what is Godday team is doing about this ??


    Thanks in advance


    Hello, Unfortunately, I have not received any rely regarding the issue,
    but they are currently looking into it. Apparently it has been a on going
    issue for some time.
    *April Williams*
    * *

    GoDaddy is seriously failing on this front. I have to go into EVERY single page add an HTML code block and then make the height 0. 

    Would love to have the option to put all my scripts in one place for all pages.

    AND the HTML code blocks are loaded into Iframes which make them virtually useless for the rest of the page.