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Change my shipping methods

When customers check out through your store, they'll see the shipping costs calculated based on the settings you've selected (free shipping with a minimum order amount, flat rate, percentage per order, weight-based, or carrier calculated) in the order summary, along with any additional shipping charges, if applicable. Local delivery and in-person pickup options are available as well.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down, expand Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your site.
  3. On your dashboard, expand Store and select Settings.
  4. Select Shipping.
  5. Select Add to set up a new delivery method.
    Note: Add multiple instances of any delivery method to configure different settings for shipment to different states, regions and countries. For example, offer free shipping starting at different amounts for customers in different regions.
  6. Follow the instructions for the method you choose using the tabs below.
  1. Select Add next to one of the Basic Shipping Methods.
    1. Free Shipping: Offering free shipping can lead to increased spending per transaction.
      • Set a minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping. Customize the regions eligible for free shipping once the minimum is met.
      • If you want to offer free shipping in other regions at a different minimum order amount, select Add on your Delivery Methods page and create another Free Shipping method.
      Note: Individual product shipping settings will override your settings in Shipping Methods. Free shipping on individual products won't be restricted based on region, which would allow anyone in the world to receive free shipping for that product.
    2. Flat Rate Per Order: A good option when selling items that aren't greatly impacted by multiple quantities in an order, like 1 sticker versus 10 stickers shipped in a single envelope.
    3. Percentage Rate Per Order: If you sell various item types, it may be best to charge a shipping fee based on a percentage of the order total.
    4. Weight-based: Calculate shipping based on the weight of the items you're shipping. The weight is determined when you add package shipping weight and dimensions to your product listings.
  2. Name your shipping method using the What customers see when selecting this method field.
    • It's a good idea to note the average shipping time as part of your description.
  3. Complete any other fields, such as the type of rate to apply to every order, a set charge per order, or different costs for different weights.
  4. If you wish to restrict countries or regions where you want to ship, select Edit below Ship to these countries/regions.
    • After you add the country or countries to your list, some countries will give you the option to further restrict shipping to specific states, provinces, or territories using the edit icon.
  5. Select Save.
  1. Select Add next to one of the Carrier Calculated Shipping Methods.
  2. Note: If you offer to ship multiple products in the same box, you'll need to have dimensions and weights for all products, otherwise it can lead to customer issues during checkout.
  3. Complete the fields for whichever carrier you chose.
  4. Select Save.

Carrier-based shipping methods are based on both your business info and your regional info, not the address you're shipping from (if different). You may need to update your shipping location, region and currency to match where you're shipping from.

  • At the top of this Shipping page, you'll see the address where you are shipping from. Select Change location to set a new shipping address.
  • To change your region info:
    1. On your Dashboard, select Settings. Under Store, select Shipping.
    2. The Regional Info section is directly below the Business Info section (which does not affect shipping).

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