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    Always getting Internal Sever Error 500 when trying to activate WP plugin


    my problem is that every time I try to activate some plugin I get Internal server error(500).

    Tried with wordpress manual installation and with the installation that godaddy provides.

    It also breaks up on the original installed plugins like Hello Doly and Askimet.

    I'm using godaddy from many years but I experience this issue for first time and don't really know how to fix this.


    Hosting is Delux windows.


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    Super User I



    Can you install other plugins?  Or is only one certain plugin hiccuping?


    Without knowing the specifics of your setup, I would assume that your plugin is conflicting with WP, your theme and/or other plugins.  The fact you mention other WordPress plugins then have issues also indicates your plugin is causing a conflict.


    Make sure the plugin in question is tested up to the most recent version of WordPress (4.8.3). 


    If it is, and you cannot install any plugins without that server error persisting, you are going to have to contact GoDaddy support to find out what is happening on the server side to produce that error.


    Or, find another plugin.


    HTH! 😉



    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin



    maybe you didn't understand me, I am saying that absolutely every plugin I try to install gets the error even the plugins that comes with the installation of wordpress - hello dolly and akismet.

    Wordpress setup is absolutely standard, nothing modified.

    Just installed wordpress and trying to setup some plugins to start building the site but...


    It is hard to find help from the GoDaddy support with this phones when they don't have live chat.