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    Amazon account already connected to another sellbrite account. Please delete other account

    I have been having trouble getting my marketplaces to work.  I sell on ebay and on amazon.  I have tried to to connect to both marketplaces.  I have never connected ebay or amazon through marketplaces before.  I get an error message that goes:


    That channel is already connected to another Sellbrite account. It must be removed from the other account before it can be connected again.


    I have removed the authorizations from both ebay and amazon and try to reconnect, but still get the same answer.  I have contacted both ebay and amazon and they say it is not a problem on their end.  I have contacted godaddy and they have never heard of this error message.


    Can someone help.

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    Hi @wilsonbrew1,


    Welcome to the Community!

    Unfortunately, no one in the Community forum can access your account, or the account at Sellbrite to assist you. You can also check out their FAQ page to see if they will have the answer you need to remove it from that account. You may wish to contact the GoDaddy customer support team at one of the numbers below in order to have them take a look at your marketplace. 



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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