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    Audio player does not show the play time of uploaded audio clips.

    When I upload clips to my audio player the play time does not show up.  The play time stays at 00:00 even when I try to change it by inspecting the elements. How do I get the span length info to display the correct play time length for the audio clips? 

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    Godaddy offers a number of products @tomatobazil22.  Are you using the website builder, standard hosting, dedicated server?

    Could you, perhaps provide a link and a bit more information?

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    Re: Audio player does not show the play time of uploaded audio clips.


    I am using the GoDaddy website builder with standard hosting. I insert audio players from the toolbar provided in the program.  I record the audio with Voice Record Pro 7 on my iPhone, send files to my Windows computer then upload them to my website. 


    My site is


    Thank you for any help you can provide,