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    Helper V

    BE AWARE: Blogs and Store Products are auto-publishing during backup

    Well, unbeknownst to me, I just learned that the products I add are getting published to my GD dummy site automatically when I do a manual backup!! I had also recently figured out that when you Publish your blog, it REALLY publishes it, not just saves it until you manually Publish the next time. So I wanted to share that information with everyone. If you have products you don't want to Publish yet, watch out.The only thing that Publish in Edit mode does is publish the "Site" portion of your website. I confirmed this with customer service today.


    They are looking into whether we can have the option to publish or not after we add products. I prefer to control it myself because I add all my descriptions one day and the next day I add my photos, so I don't want my products to be up without photos. (It's not a huge issue for me at this time because my real url isn't published, but when that day comes, I don't want stuff to get published without me saying so.)

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    Helper V

    Today,  now the new products I added are going live without me ever publishing OR doing a manual backup. All I did was hit save. Wow! Unbelieveable. This needs to be fixed pronto. Guess you better make sure you have it right the first time or ELSE!



    Thanks for reaching out.  Once you have designed your web storefront and initially configured shipping/sales tax/payments etc. the most common task on daily basis would be manage inventory (add product, adjust inventory level or price), manage orders and respond to customer queries.  As such, we want to speed up your routine tasks, so you can spend more time thinking up about new products to introduce, generating demand and pricing the products, promotion to maximize sales.  That's how a product added by you immediately shows up on store for your customer to purchase.  But, if you feel you would need more time to properly describe your product before you put it out for sale, we do support that option.  While adding product, you could keep the product hidden by un-checking 'Visibility' flag.  While the product is being 'hidden' from the customer, you could continue to update it. Once you are ready to list the product for sale, you just have to check 'Visibility' flag and save the product.  Product would show up on the storefront immediately.  


    Hope this helps,

    Mohan Kumaresh,

    Product Manager, Online stores.


    @ProdMgr_OLS  Thanks for pointing that out. I actually used that today after I realized this was happening. But it is good others know the auto-publishing is happening whether they want it to or not! Scary.


    Also, this obviously doesn't address the issue that during a backup, your site is publishing. One would automatically assume that a backup is a separate function from publishing entirely. You SHOULD be able to do a backup on a store you are developing WITHOUT it publishing. The two serve two different purposes.

    Former Employee

    Hi @Hopeful,

    I just wanted to chime in on the Blog piece of this message.  


    The Publish button on the blog editor will push the blog post to your live site without having to republish the entire site.  If you're not ready for the post to be on your live site, the draft post will auto-save every few seconds. So make your edits and feel free to leave the page without clicking the "Publish" button until you're ready for it to be live.  


    We'll look into the auto-publishing with a manual backup though, to make sure we're doing what's expected during that process. 


    As always, thanks for your comment and your ongoing efforts in this community!



    Sr. PM, Blog

    @cstrasia  Thank you for that information. Those are good points.