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    Product Team

    Beta features - feedback needed - font sizing, color, and button customization

    We're looking for customer feedback on some new features in development.  They will enable more flexibility to customize color, buttons, and font size.  Please reply or private message me if you are interested.  Thanks! Christine

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    Hi Christine,

    I would be interested in the beta.  I was just here looking for this exact upgrade.

    Thank you!

    @DBBoston  great, I'll message you

    Thank you.  Ill wait for your email!



    I'm interested in font sizing beta.

    Helper V

    @ChristineL I would like to be able to make certain words or phrases red.

    I really need a flush left nice looking design on the Urban template for the Subscribe and footer sections.

    I would also greatly appreciate it if the designers/developers would make flush left the standard, as centered formats should only be used for certain headlines (if the template is designed that way). Paragraphs with text, captions, body copy, subheads, and most everything else, flush left is best practice.

    In the Urban theme, the Subscribe section is centered in the design.  It lines up with the text in footer. If Subscribe was flush left, the right side would have too much padding. We'll look at where we can add more flexibility around alignment in the future.


    Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 6.44.41 PM.png


    Interested! I desperate needed. Thanks @ChristineL!