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    Blog Images Disappeared

    I have my blog page/section set up with the RSS feed.  Everything worked great.  Then the images disappeared from the posts.  I switched the layout and the images appear in the smaller tiles - but when I go back to the bigger tiles (two across), the images do not appear.  I just get the date and the preview lines of the blog and an empty space where the image should be.  The blog feed worked fine until yesterday.  I deleted the page, added a new page and blog sections, added the RSS feed, and still no images appearing in the larger tiles.  Is there a fix for this?  I didn't change anything so I don't know why they disappeared.  


    Thanks for any help!  -- Anne 

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    I don't think it is you!  I just went to my test site where I had the RSS feed from my consulting site setup and the images are no longer displaying -- in either layout offered.


    I know for a fact there were displaying when I set it up.    If if doesn't resolve itself shortly, You may want to contact GoDaddy to ask what's up!


    HTH! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Thank you, @Muse.  I am going to contact GoDaddy.  I like the larger two-across tiles for the blog feed; however, it doesn't work without the images.  The images are still appearing in the smaller tiles.  I noticed the images are not showing up in the layout sample either.  If you use the RSS feed GoDaddy uses as an example - no images.  I will update here if I get a solution. 

    -- Anne

    Did you ever figure out what's going on or how to fix?  I am just getting my site set up and I tried to add a blog from my free Wordpress site and it's not importing my images at all.  It's giving me titles and dates and links back to the site but just no images at all (in either the small tile or large tile format).


    I'm having exactly the same issue as you. I don't suppose they have said how to fix it??