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    Helper V

    Can't access Photo Library or Products since W+M was revamped

    @ChristineL So, since the entire dashboard and W+M was redesigned recently, I can no longer add a product or even access the product library. Same with photos. Prior to a redesign, no problem. I use the latest version of Firefox. Called support, cleared my cache at their suggestion, no improvement. This new design combined the photo and the product library into the site builder itself, and since that I'm unable to access my products!!! I have to get my Fall products uploaded and changes made to my homepage, including photos, and I can't do it. Please have your people look at this.

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    Helper V

    I wanted to add...I can access the storefront, just not the products or photos. I've also tried opening them in private mode. They just sit there and spin trying to load. I waited 25 minutes each and they will not load.


    I have this same issue. I tried Firefox and Chrome with the same never-loading results. 

    THANK YOU for adding your comment. PLEASE, everyone, check to see if you have this problem. If you do, report it to customer service. Otherwise, they think it's not happening. I know I'm not the only one with the problem, but without access to my products and photo library, I'm dead in the water.

    Product Team

    Hi @Hopeful we have been discussing this with the team that works on that feature. They are still investigating. It is difficult to reproduce. Sorry for the delay. 

    Thank you. I hope they are able to figure it out soon.

    This problem is still not fixed. Back and forth with the dev. team, but nothing solved.

    Here is what I'm still getting when I try to access my photos to add or edit photos:


    I have the same issue.  When I try to insert a photo to my website from my photo library, the screen just hangs -- as shown in Hopeful Helper's post. 


    I have to finish my site within the next few days.  If this can't get fixed, I will have to cancel with website builder and return to Wix.  

    It has now been over 6 months and this has not been fixed. I have no access to add photos to my inventory or my main website pages. Nor can I change photos. I'm dead in the water. It is an absolute disgrace, GoDaddy.