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    Child and Parent Relationship

    Trying to create a product file (csv) from the sample template provided, but I am unable to set the price for multiple options. It only allows for one price. There are apparently no child relationships, only parent. Is there a source I can go to that provides additional "how-to's" for this file? Also, need to know how to also upload multiple SKUs under one product.

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    Getting Started

    As far as I have been able to research and get help with on myself, the only fields allowed in the import are the ones provided in the sample template. I posted a question about being able to add a price for the add on and got the typical response of this is how you import… which i already know how to do. So as far as I can tell you will just have to put them in as options, which creates the child, then upload. Once uploaded you will have to go into each one individually and change the price and sku. As the sku will be automatically assigned for the child. Also, the only how to’s on this one seem a bit outdated, These instructions is the best they can do for that lol.