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    Creating a livestream site like Twitch.Tv/Youtube

    I am in the very beginning of creating a website, going to buy a domain after some answers in here.

    I want to create a site where my visitors can livestream to my site using software like OBS.


    What is needed for this to happen, I need a wordpress site I understand, should I use video whisper?

    Also I need a VPS/dedicated servers. 

    What else do I need or wordpress plugins?'

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    Super User II



    I noticed you tagged website builder -- that's a no go for this application.


    Open broadcasting uses a ton of resources (a lot of storage and bandwidth $$$)  -- so minimally you would need a serious Managed WordPress host to start.  Then, you would watch your performance (speed and bandwidth limitations) and upgrade to VPS/Dedicated/Cloud if/when needed as your traffic grows.  "Unlimited" plans only go so far until your resource usage starts affecting other customers.  


    VPS/Dedicated requires a particular set of skills to manage, so if you are not a "techie" then start with Managed WordPress to get your feet wet and monitor your resources. (Or use YouTube instead of hosting streaming everything on your server.)  Even then, I would have a phone discussion with any host you are considering and explain what it is you want to do and what they recommend.  Some hosts scale better than others.


    As far as a plugin round up, that's pretty unique to each site, theme specified plugins and features you desire. 


    HTH! 😉




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