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    Different URL Links for each Appointment / Service Category?

    Currently there is now way to direct customers to a specific service category. When they click services, they see every single service as the default. It is critical for my business that we can have unique URL's for each service category (and ideally each individual service) so that we can direct our customers to the correct group of services. We want them to only see the services in the category that they are interested in, as opposed to every single service our company offers - which can be overwhelming to the customer. Is this something that is in your development team's pipeline. If not, is this something that can be added on the to-do list? Thank you so much in advance!

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    Hi @GoZaddy,


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     While it may seem obvious, why not create a separate page for each service offered? Your navigational tools can direct them to the page of interest. The contact form can note the choice of services. What does the website look like now? Can you provide the URL, so others in the Community can take a look and make any suggestions.



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