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    Formatting drastically different on each browser

    The text and photos on my website are in very different and random positions/formats on all browsers. While my website looks fine in Chrome, every other browser shows my text and photos in a jumbled unprofessional mess. 


    I just got off the phone with GoDaddy support and was told that my only option is to instruct every individual viewing my site to clear their cache and browser histories, and even that might not fix the issue for everyone. When I said this has caused my business to appear disorganized and unprofessional, the support rep said he understood if I took my business elsewhere. 


    I have put hundreds of dollars and hours into this website and do not want to start from scratch elsewhere. Cross browser compatibility is extremely basic and absolutely something expected when paying for Website Builder. I would greatly appreciate any insight from other website managers/competent GoDaddy reps.

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    Hello @ryan20!


    Thank you for posting. That doesn't seem right. My recommendation would be to reach back out to our team on this. If your site is drastically different using Website Builder in different browsers, there could be something wrong. One question I do have is, have you pasted content into the builder from another application that may have scripting attached? Microsoft Word is an example of an application that will include hidden scripting when you copy text from it. 


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    Take a look at your units.... if some are pixel and some are percentage that is likely your issue. Generally if you can convert everything to one or the other you should have pretty good x-browser compatibility. 

    Then again I heard they're still using pixel widths on the builder... so perhaps thats a good place to start looking, within each element.