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    GoCentral website - multiple admins?

    I have several different domains and several different GoCentral websites using Website Builder.


    Can I assign someone else (possibly multiple people) to have administrative rights ON ONE OF MY SITES ONLY?


    To be clear - I can see how to "delegate access" to another user, but this gives them access to my entire account including all domains, email, etc.


    I want to be able to allow someone else to edit one specific site, BUT NOT have access to the rest of my account.


    How can I do this?

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    Hmmmmm, I know that you can Add multiple website members but I haven't noticed a provision for multiple administrators @floorcookie? If you are looking to have someone only administer one of your GoCentral website you are correct in stating that delegate access will not work for you.


    I cannot directly think of a solution to your issue. Perhaps someone who is more informed will enlighten both of us?


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