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    Godaddy Website Builder Contact Form Not Sending Mails


    I am very sad for the experience of using Website Builder Contact Form in my website which does not work and send no mails and makes me losing many business chances and time and money.

    And also I am very sad for the experience of communicating Godaddy Live Chat for the helps, who gave me nothing helps at all !!!


    Here is the story --- 


    My website was build by Godaddy Website Builder (Business vNext Plan), using 2 contact forms sending to my hotmail box as receiver. But since I published my website and popularized my website in Google by using Adword, I never received any messages.


    Then, I tested the contact forms by myself, from different computers, different ips, and different country side locations, no single messages received at all !!!


    Then, I changed mail box from hotmail to gmail,, yahoo, and some other mail boxes as the receivers, the results were same, contact form not working at all !!!


    Then, I contacted Godaddy Live Chart in US location and also called hot line for this problem help. The service people cannot help, and kept contacting the technical team person which I cannot contact directly. After checking, they told me all the site fuctions were good, and they can received the test mails by changing into their other mail as receiver. And asked me to checking my mail spams or the setting issues in my mail side or website, pla pla pla, treated me like 3 old years baby. 


    Then, To test whether it was godaddy problems or mail box problems, I changed the receiver mail into Godaddy mail -- "Workspace Email". By registering and using Godaddy Workspace Email, the test result was, I only received 1 test mail occasionally which I sent from US location by myself, other test mails were gone. And I kept tested in later some days, all mails were gone again, whether they were sent from different computers, different ips, or different country side locations, nothing received at all !!!

    As I really ever received only 1 tested mail and all other mails were gone, that means the problem is not receiver mail boxes problems, it is Godaddy problems.


    Then, I contacted Godaddy Live Chart again, this time a person located in India serviced me. Again by kept contacting the technical team persons which seams all in US location, after checking, they told me everything was good.

    As I am using Godaddy Workspace Email, all the tested mails can be seen by both of us. So I requested to send test mails from their side, and then really surprised me, I received their test mails. But when I requested them to send test mails from other country side locations besides US, they refused me.

    With distrust of this test, I request Godaddy person to send test mails from my website contact form again, at the same time I refreshed my website, then, I found the tricks --- The Godaddy person distroyed my website contents including theme, frames, pictures, etc., only put a contact form in my website page, and all the tested mails were sent from it, which was received by us. And then they recoverred my website after test, looks like it was never be changed.


    Bying testing these, I suppose there might be some compatibility problems between the Contact Former and Godaddy Website Builder, or themes, or something else, I don't know, which Godaddy technical person cannot solved. I searched this community forum and in google, there are many same situations as I experienced, but were not solved clearly.


    As I can see, in Godaddy website builder panel, there is a glance showing how many messages received, which was sent by my website visiters through contact form, and which I was never received. But when I requested the Goddady service people to give me the list of these messages infomation, at least the sender ip or email address... they said they have nothing to share with me. Godaddy has these messages summary records only in numbers, but no any other information, which I do not believe. 


    I spent much time and money in building and popularizing Godaddy website, but I never received any business contact messages. I have a very bad experience waisting time in Godaddy Website Builder and lost my business chances. And Godaddy can not help me anything only playing tricks.


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    Resolver VI


    When you created your form, have you used this steps:


    Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.

    Hi @GD6  can you let me know (or private message me) your website URL?