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    HELP: Future Home of Something Quite Cool

    I am having the following issue and after searching far and wide, I need assistance.  


    I have the following site: which works appropriately if you go directly to the web address.  If you attempt to access the site via IP Address and/or setup any other site's DNS to forward to this domain, I am getting the GoDaddy "Future Home of Something Quite Cool" page.  Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.20.53 PM.png


    Has anyone been able to resolve this issue?  If so, can you please point me in the right direction.



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    Helper VI

    @easton21jd are you on a shared hosting plan? Either linux/windows shared hosting or managed wordpress?

    If so, you can't access the site via direct IP address.

    If you are on a VPS / dedicated server, you have to configure your webserver to return the WP install as the default site.


    Hope it helps!

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    Thank you for your reply. I will check on the hosting plan and reply soon.

    So, the core root of our issue is coming from our attempts to forward other domains to our site. We have a domain on Wix that we need to forward. We’ve set the A Host in DNS within Wix to the IP Address if the site. Everything routes correctly but we get the “Future Home of Something Cool” page instead of our site homepage.

    Thanks again for the assistance.

    @easton21jd if you want to do that, you should use the CNAME record instead of A. Because with a CNAME you can put a domain name instead of an IP address 😉


    Hope it helps!

    If you find my replies helpful, give me a like or kudo 🙂
    And if I solved your issue, mark it as solution 😄

    Thanks for the reply!  I have made the suggested changes in DNS within Wix as follows: 


    Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.18.04 PM.png


    The results are as follows: 

    - forward to "Site Cannot Be reached" Page. 

    - forwards to "Future Home of Something Cool" page still. 


    i checked DNS checker prior to testing to validate that all DNS changes had gone through.


    I got the same error when trying to access my site using chrome. However I can access it without any problem on Safari. What I have to do now ?