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    How to change site width

    My website shows a portion at the right where the background image is replicated but that area is empty (only the background image replicated is shown). Even if I remove the image the empty area still there.

    How can I change the site width on website builder?

    Please note that I am not asking about page width. I am asking about site width which is where the background image is replicated.

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    Super User II

    If you could provide the URL so we can see what you are describing.

    open it and scroll to the right.

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    Think you probably have the width of your iframe set at 600px constant width, try setting it at a percentage of the page width instead of a constant fixed width. If a browser window is a certain width, and your iFrame (that's what I think it looks like?) is set-in-stone-fixed-width, well that will most likely give it that certain side to side motion when scrolling. Also if you know how to do it, add centre tags around div / iFrame


    Where can I change this setting?