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    How to share store products to social media platforms?

    I want to be able to share individual products to social media and cannot figure out how. Ideas? Also, when simply copying  the URL and pasting it, it has the header picture and not the product image. I want to be able to share my products, with a picture and link.

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    Hi @JenFunk1983


    Thank you for your question! If you have your Facebook Page connected in GoCentral, you may have seen a card on your GoCentral dashboard that prompts you to create a post for your product.

    Post Card.png











    From here, you will be able to select one or more of your product photos to post and add text to entice customers. The posts link back to your website.


    We're also working on an update that would allow you to create a Facebook post right after adding a product. It's coming very shortly and we'd love to hear what you think once it's out.


    And what about when the card doesnt show up?  Or what about if we want to give an older product some love?

    Agree. The card shows up only about once every other week. Also, it always has the same old posts as an option to share. I've posted literally hundreds of products in the last two months and none of them are ever in that card.

    Would love to be able to post to FB anytime and any product I choose.  When will this feature be available?

    Currently the cards on the GoCentral Dashboard allow you to post your Featured Products. There is also a button on the Featured Products Admin that allows you to post the same Featured Products to you connected Facebook Page.


    Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.15.17 PM.png


    As Alisa mentioned above, we will be releasing a new feature that allows you to post a single product from the product admin page (the page where you can edit the product title, photo and price). Check back in the next couple weeks for an update!

    While I was certainly happy to see this was finally implemented, my joy was short-lived.

    I was hoping that there would have also a way to edit how the posting looked when it was shared. 

    As it stands now, if I share one of my items, the item image in the post is cropped and then paired with a second image from the home page.  This severely distracts from the item and just looks messy.

    Luckily most of my business is face to face POS, and only have the store and social media as a matter of convenience for some of my customers to see samples before ordering custom items.  I will just have to go back to manually posting on social media the way I want it to look and just linking back to the store page for now, and will start looking at other hosting solutions... Between how lackluster GoCentral has been, combined with the ssl nonsense they pull on other GoDaddy services, it's like you are purposely trying to drive people away.

    Hi, will product pages in the future have their own URL so product pages can be simply copied to a mobile phone clipboard and shared easily to any platform? Currently anything copied to my clipboard for sharing is just the webiste 

    Hi @gobrutalsports. Thanks for posting. As far as I know, each product should already have its own page. Visiting it in a browser should allow you to copy the URL and use that to direct people to the specific product page. I'm not sure why your phone wouldn't be copying the entire URL. 


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    I think the problem isnt the url thats fine it directs to the product page but the preview for the link is always the website landing page image and not the product.
    Thanks anyway

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