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    Huge Picture Gallery Issue, Preview is displaying incorrect colors

    I notice that all the picture Galleries display incorrect colors (slightly desaturated and reds are more yellow).


    As a photographer, I save all my pictures in SRGB format so they would be uniform on all platforms. However the Picture Gallery seem to display an incorrect color and for the stacked picture gallery, if you click on the preview image, it will display the correct color image!


    This is an absolute deal breaker for me if it doesn't display the actual SRGB colors. Has anyone else noticed that and is there anyway to correct that?


    Hi @Hotshoteddie 


    Thanks for your feedback. I don't have a timeline on this but will be happy to keep you posted once we reach a conclusion. Thanks.




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    Hi @Hotshoteddie,


    Welcome to the Community!

    We understand, for your industry, being concerned about the depiction of your photography. Be sure that you check for final color purity in an active browser/internet resolution of your pages, not the images presented within the website builder, rendering in an online application. Most browsers will render images as sRGB regardless of what you save it as. Thus, if you want your images to look the same regardless of where it’s being displayed, you should always publish them as sRGB. 



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    Supporting you at

    Hi @TLH , I do publish my photos for web in Srgb as well as for 300dpi print in Srgb but the colors displayed on the site are inaccurate.


    Please look at the below capture I have taken from my website. The picture on the left which opens when you click on the thumbnail in the stacked gallery is showing the accurate true color, where it is more saturated and yellow, The image on the right is the picture in the stacked gallery. Literally the photo gallery on my website is showing 2 different colors on the same image!


    I know the color difference is minimal, but it is different and the gallery is obviously capable of showing the true color as evidenced on the left, but somehow all the other galleries or the stacked previews are showing an incorrect, slightly de saturated colour on the right! I can show you more examples upon request





    Sorry for the inconvenience it caused! Can you please share your website URL with us so we can take a look?




    @YunK Hi, my website URL is 


    Thanks, I hope this can be resolved. The colours are different and if you are having difficulty seeing the colour differences, you can use a color picker and it will show a different color code as one is more saturated and stronger yellow saturation in the picture. Thanks so much, looking forward to your response

    Hi @Hotshoteddie


    Thanks very much for your feedback! I have my team looking into this. You are right, for the gallery layout you selected (masonry layout), we do compress the images slightly to improve site performance. Totally understood in a photographer's eye, its not something minor! We have other photo gallery that is more suitable for high quality photo, like gallery 1 "slideshow of images with thumbnail" or gallery 6 "Vertical gallery to display large images" See below screen shots. Hope this is helpful!




    Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.21.35 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.21.45 AM.png

    Hi @YunK 


    Thanks for the response, however, using a different gallery is absolutely not a solution as

    ALL the picture galleries are displaying the incorrect colour where it is slightly desaturated from the actual original SRGB image.


    Masonary is the only one that displays the correct colours when you click on the image. That is so confusing how it is able to display the correct colours when clicked, but unable to show the accurate colours every other time. It doesn't make sense.


    This is an issue that absolutely needs resolving as it is an issue with ALL the picture galleries, from shops displaying the wrong colour outfits to photos displaying inaccurate colours. Compressing the photos shouldn't equate to a colour change as the SRGB format should always retain its colour when published on the web. It is why we save for web in a SRGB space in photoshop and we also shoot in an SRGB format to retain the same colours across all platforms.


    I'm really sorry, but I can't understand how having a website builder that can't display accurate colours is acceptable at all! I hope your team can resolve this issue as soon as possible as the galleries are not performing its intended function


    The below photos are as displayed on my website through your picture gallery where the left is colour accurate and the thumbnail displaying the pictures on the right are not. Literally there is the capability to show the correct colours within the gallery but it is just choosing not to


    Thank you for your assistance 






    Hi @YunK 


    Using another gallery is not a solution, as ALL the galleries are displaying inaccurate colours. It is slightly desaturated and the reds are suppressed. Masonry is the only one that is displaying the accurate colours when you click on the picture. Basically none of the galleries are working as intended as they are not able to perform their most basic function, which is to display pictures reproducing colour. 


    I am doubtful the compression would affect the colour change as the photos are optimised and saved for web via photoshop with 72 bit SRGB colour. Unless the files are being physically changed to a different file format, it shouldn't change the colour.


    I hope your team is able to resolve the issue at the earliest time and look forward to your response. 




    Hi @Hotshoteddie 


    Thanks for your feedback. I don't have a timeline on this but will be happy to keep you posted once we reach a conclusion. Thanks.




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