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    IFRAME not working in Edge

    GoCentral IFRAMES work on ever browser but edge. Can this be fixed?

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    If the iframes are working on other browsers and not Edge, then that's an Edge issue. This happens with a lot of programs other than just GoCentral and is a known issue with Microsoft browsers. It's why they're moving away from their own engine and going to a Chromium-based engine that has up to date rendering that applies to web standards.


    "For security reasons, data URIs are restricted to downloaded resources. Data URIs cannot be used for navigation, for scripting, or to populate frame or iframe elements."



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    It's not an edge issue. I had my site hosted in WordPress with the same IFRAME code to embed our back end and it worked just fine on all browsers. Once I moved it to GoCentral, it no longer works with edge. It has to be on the GoCentral end. 

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    One says it's an Edge issue. One says it's a GoDaddy issue.
    How do I get my problem fixed?

    Same problem, iframe works everywhere except on EDGE. Contacted support today and they have no information on such an issue, much less a remedy. Larger internet search reveals others with same problem using GoCentral, and sometimes other under Edge. My iframe statement looks OK, uses full path and https in the scr statement. Not much else is out of the ordinary. So some interaction of GoCentral and Edge hangs up. Looks like only option is to direct users of this page to go to another browser. Hate when I have to do that.

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    Yes, GoDaddy has dropped the ball here because it all worked incEDGE in their older version - Website Builder-but doesn't work in GoCentral. 

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