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    Improve Search Function


    Is there any way to improve the search function on my online store?

    Currently it will only search for two words which are next to each other, if I enter two words into my search and they aren't next to each other in my products then it wont show in the results.

    Surely this should work to show all results with them words in?

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    @Williams84The following thread discusses your concerns (and many others) regarding the search feature at length. We're all waiting...



    And they still haven't fixed it? It really cant be that hard, many other sites have it. I am really regretting using Godaddy now, I'm seriously thinking of moving my store. They cant integrate a courier service properly and the search function is useless!!

    @Williams84No. I was told it will require a complete redo of the "code" to use a different type of search. Our stores are severely compromised by this problem. I currently have 61 bracelets, for example, but if you search "bracelets", it says I have 3. Since most people don't both going thru all the categories and drilling down to bracelets--especially on a phone where the menus are harder to use--I hate to think how many customers only think I have 3. Most just use the search feature to go right to what they want. And it's virtually useless.

    its very frustrating! its really going to affect business. I've just set my store up and already have over 400 items but I don't know what to do about this useless search function.

    @Williams84   I was aghast when I figured this out. It is so disheartening. So much work. I'm in the same boat--over 500 items so far. There is no good solution right now. I added a description on how to search certain popular phrases in my Help or FAQ page, but I seriously doubt anyone will go there to look for that. I'm just hoping that people will browse and look that way...

    how long has your site been up and running? I'm not planning on starting to trade till January but this issue has me worried.

    @Williams84  Not to disappoint you, but I had their prior product, Quick Shopping Cart, for many years. I think about 7 years. It had the exact same problem. About 2 years ago, I was told it was being phased out and I needed to go to the new product. I switched and started completely over. Redid all my products and setup. It was devastating to have to redo it all as a small business owner doing it all myself AND running the business. But I did it with the promise that it would all be so much better. Well, here we are, 2 more years later and it has never been corrected. They have time to add every bell and whistle, like connecting to Amazon, yada, yada, yada, but the BASIC search feature doesn't even work! Whoever is setting the priorities for the developers has seemingly just turned a blind eye to this and several other basic problems. Now that they have all the bells and whistles set up, maybe they can get back to the core function of an eCommerce store...

    Have you looked into moving your store to another host? I am seriously thinking about it.

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    I see what you are talking about. Click here to see my video clip of search results. Looks like search results aren't using wild cards


    @JesseW @MPC @TLH do we have a follow up from this thread on the search results for Online Store as mention by @Hopeful earlier in this thread? 

    Very Respectfully,

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    To be honest, I think I'm going to cut my losses and move my store to shopify.

    I have been trying to achieve this all my life!

    I've decided I'm going to move my store to shopify before the store becomes any bigger. Ibneedba working search function.

    I don't blame you. Come on, GoDaddy. When is the search function going to work???

    Based upon the feedback I saw on the GoDaddy store on this community forum I decided to stay with the Ecwid shopping cart that I have been using since 2013 when I migrated to Web Builder at the beginning of this month. I am happy with the Ecwid store app and the search function works as expected. You can try it at my shop page, www.reverselogic.us/shop. Keep in mind that you will have to search for some key words that are in my store. 

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