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    Please explain the discrepancies, I don't understand

    I started with Godaddy in 2018 Website builder, I later upgraded to Websitebuilder Marketing and Ecommerce knowing that a later stage I will be using the e-commerce component. I built the business, we in 2020 wanted to start to use e-commerce, to our surprise find out that the product is not available in South Africa. Nobody from Godaddy advice us we are paying for a product that is not available in South Africa for more as two years. We only found that out when we were in a position to use it ( I did not mind to pay while not using it but got a shock that you pay for a product that is not available that is a shock and being misled with the upgrade list on the system).


    I downgraded and now when today I wanted to upgrade Premier found that Godaddy still advertises the product that is not available in South Africa on the upgrade list. How do you explain it? Because customers in South Africa are being misled, How many customers in South Africa of Godaddy are aware of this



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