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    I am a customer looking to buy a domain along with a small package of linux hosting. Looking at, the prices were significantly more than other smaller companies, such as 


    I was comparing prices and charges $3.49 the first month for the economy package the first month, then $7.99 every month after that. On the other hand, charges $2.99 a month and $2.99 every month after that. 


    So, I would like to ask what makes Godaddy more special than other smaller companies since the difference in price is up to $50 a year?

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    Helper VI

    @Lalo good question.

    In my opinion it's a good service for what you pay. And if you pay for a year, you get important discounts. Also they have a support team which, depending on your problem, may help you.


    Regarding the prices for the plans you said:

    GoDaddy's price is $3.49/month if you pay for three years. For a year it costs $4.99. And you get 200x disk space, and unlimited bandwith, but you can host just one domain (like choicehost).

    Choicehost's price is $2.99 if you pay for three years. For a year it costs $3.99. And you get 500MB of disk space, and 50GB of bandwidth. Also you can host just one domain, even with their "Unlimited hosting plan".



    However, it seems like choicehost is part of resellerclub. You can check the web hosting page of both: choicehost | resellerclub's SuperSite storefront. If that's true, you are buying hosting from someone who buys hosting to another company, which makes a longer chain. Why should you bother with that? Well, let's say choicehost decides to close, or to not renew with resellerclub, you may lose your site and data (you can also lose it with GD, but it seems less likely). So, you depend on people who depends on other people to provide you a service, and for $1/mo I wouldn't take that risk. Also knowing that just that $1 provides me with 200x disk space and unmetered bandwidth.And, don't forget GD has been up for a long time, so you know who you are dealing with.


    Just my opinion based on my experience here.


    Hope it helps!

    PS: Do you work there? You asked about prices and name them here and here, last year.

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