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    Quick Shopping Cart

    I have had a Quick Shopping Cart for 12 years now and I have heard that they are going to stop using it and I must change to this new Website plus Marketing Builder.  Since there is no way to migrate my 400+ prodyucts (really, GD), I have added a few products to test the waters.  

    When I add my images in they are not sized right at all.  Looks even worse on mobile.  On the old system, I simply uploaded a single image and it used it for the small, med and large editions.

    So, my first question is, "is there a migration tool and if not, how do I move these images to the new site?

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    Helper V

    I was in the same boat as you, migrated from QSC. There is no migration tool to my knowledge. I migrated 2 years ago and did it one product at a time manually. Some people have used the upload feature for product information, but there are many quirks with that, such as I believe it will only do 100 at a time and if you have multiple variations it can't handle that (things I read, not experienced personally) so there is alot of correcting that needs to be done after the upload. I decided to just do it one by one and that way I knew what was wrong and could have each item at a time.


    Having worked with the new online store for 2 years now, I am very disappointed with the constant, incessant problems caused by lack of testing prior to updates. At first it seemed great and was much easier to use once you got the hang of the new format, but it has been one problem after another. I would read through the community thoroughly before committing to W+M and then make your decision. Many of the problems are still not solved--even after GD has been notified multiple times.


    As far as pictures, there are not thumbnails in W+M--at least in the template I'm using. I resized all the photos to the new sizes before uploading and I didn't have any problems with that. Without more specifics, I can't really speak to what photo problems you may be having.

    I have a good solution for exporting products and an images from GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart.  Please search for and contact me.

    Cannot message you through GoDaddy as you do not have messages turned on.  Could not contact you through your website as the Captcha is broken.  

    Weird.... It seems to work for me.... I turned off the captcha for a bit.


    I have a solution for exporting products and an images from GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart.  Please search for and contact me.