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    Remove discolored footer from template

    I have been working with a template and redesigning it, but after changing the background color I am still seeing the template footer at the bottom of the pages.  The template footer is not following the same color scheme that I have chosen, so how can I go about removing this?

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    Former Employee

    Hey dtremain!


    What platform are you using to create your website? If you're on our Website Builder platform, it won't be easy. It should be possible using some Site-wide Code which you can find in the Site Settings section of the builder. This would require some knowledge of HTML and CSS to do so. The only other option on this platform would be to choose a different template.


    Let us know if you're using a different platform and I can adjust my answer accordingly.

    I have the exact same question. If anyone can assist with the html code and where to enter the code that would be fantastic! I put a lot of work into it and would hate to have to start over with another template.

    It's really surprising that you can't easily change the footer color. It's a pretty significant chunk of color on the main page. Any plans on fixing this?


    How do you remove the footer in a themed template? I was able to remove the text etc. but not the footer.