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    Searching for Products in an Online Store

    I have lots of products in several categories, with choices for colors, sizes, etc.  These all work fine. However, with hundreds of products, I'd like for customers to be able to search using keywords.  Is there a way to add a simple product search to the online store?


    Also, it would be tremendous if at the bottom of the page where we have Save, Save and New, there would be a function to Save and Clone.  It gets very time consuming and tiresome to have to either go back to the list of all products and find a product to clone, or to re-enter all the information.  It would be so nice to be able to add a cloned product with Save and Clone instead of multi-step Save and Add.



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    Hi @MJB, thanks for posting.

    There is a search in Online Store. It is a general search for products, but this search does not search options or option selections.
    Thanks for the feedback on the Save and Clone option. I'll pass this along as a suggestion.

    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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