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    Site Settings: Search Engines: Meta Description

    In Site Settings/ Search Engine, there is a place to offer a description of the site (Meta Description, used to control that bit of text that comes up when the site appears in google search results.

    However, what is written within GoDaddy Website Builder is NOT what is appearing in Google.
    1. Is there a 'switch' that needs to be tripped to activate that? (this was created long ago)
    2. Is there a way to edit the html directly within Website Builder, the way there is in Wordpress?

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    Helper I

    Hello ABLandis,


    Can you please tell me how long it has been since you updated the "Meta" information in the GoDaddy Website Builder "Site Settings"?


    Google can take some time to update the information from you meta details.


    You can submit a request to Google for a manual crawl of your site and update their information on your website here:





    Warm Regards,
    Wade Hextell


    wadehextell at