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    Helper V

    Sitemap for products gone

    I am restarting this topic because this problem is back. It seems that our products are not being listed in the sitemap AGAIN. This has been an ongoing problem since day one with the new GoCentral (now Marketing + Websites). See this older thread:




    After not getting sales on my store, I happened to check the status of my sitemap and found out it is not working again. It only shows 3 of the main pages, none of the products! This is a major failure. I don't know what is going on with GD, but they need to get this fixed and stay fixed. Seriously people.

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    Getting Started

    Maybe this is the reason for me now having 51 crawl anomalies, all my product pages - I called Godaddy (2nd time reporting )and they republished my website - said it was a back end publishing problem - but would not describe the issue - that was 48 hours ago and I have just submitted a couple of pages to be indexed. I now have just 11 valid pages on google search console after having 60 odd in August. If this continues I wont be renewing at the end of next month

    I don't blame you. I just missed the whole holiday season sales AGAIN! What is going on GoDaddy??? Our products are not being seen!!