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    White Space On Mobile Version using Website Builder

    When I view my website ( on mobile view, I see what space and four little dots under the nav and above my logo. When I inspect in the preview setting, I'm showing this code:


    <div id="wsb-element-85f7675c-ad13-4123-ba97-15c700a7d479" class="mobilepod"><div class="wsb-image-inner "><div class="img"><img src="//;disposition=0&amp;alloworigin=1" style="vertical-align:middle;width:auto;height:auto;"></div></div></div>


    How to I remove that so the mobile view doesn't look so bad?

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    Helper I

    Did you code this in the HTML section for the top for mobile mode? 

    Might have to re-apply the setting. 

    I'm not even sure how to access the HTML code. I just clicked the button that said I wanted a mobile version. I only got the code above by clicking inspect in the mobile preview mode. I do have some analytics code added, but I removed that to see if that was the issue and it didn't help. I feel like I've tried hiding everything for mobile to figure out what is causing it and nothing helped. 


    Do you know what this code means? Maybe it would help me figure out why it is popping up? 



    Oh you went into inspect I see. I thought you made your own custom browser on top and had the code yourself. 


    It has something to do with your bracket up top. You have phone number and location tab? 

    Try removing it and reapplying your header but DO NOT remove your page links. 

    I never seen this happen before, but you have two different styles when visiting your web-site you have a mobile setting with a bar up top and on the desktop view you have the logo and no bar at top which is different from the desktop view. 


    It has something to do with your top mobile header. I'll try to work with you but I applied the same code as you and didn't get the four dot curse. lol. 

    @decaturstpats Did you try re-setting the layout header? Did it work?