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    Why can I not change order of products in a category?

    I am so bummed after spending so many hours setting up my store with many, many products, and not being able to change the order of the products within a category. I like to list my favorite products near the top. I called GoDaddy on the phone about this many months ago. They told me they were working on this but here we are today and this feature still does not exist. My old GoDaddy store was much better in this regard. I am so disappointed I have already paid for 3 years of my GoCentral store. I feel totally ripped off and will now start shopping for better online commerce choices.

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    Helper V

    @generubinaudio  I totally agree. I need this also.


    This was previously brought up in this thread:


    By the way, it's best to search for your issue/topic prior to posting so there are not duplicates on the same issue.


    I really need this too!

    I just spent ages re numbering my products SKU as there is an option to list products "SKU ascending" where you manage products, only to find his option is not available for the website! 😞 

    Completely agree with this. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult for them to add a drag and drop option to reorder the images in each category. Also I really don't like the way you can't have a shop homepage but it takes you straight to 'view all products'