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    Advocate VII

    Creative Ways to Compensate Employees

    Hi All,


    Every now and then some idea hits me and sounds good, but upon closer inspection..... So, here's an idea for consideration.


    Suppose a small boutique store happens to also own a hundred or so domain names, many that are industry-specific.  Way too many to manage plus run the store!  As one scoured the domain list,  it was observed that some of the domain names matched "sections" in the boutique store.  So, what if the store manager "assigned" a store teammate to a particular section/domain and create store-branded mini-blog for each store section? The blog will include product sales, but not in the typical "cart" presentation.  More of a flyer/magazine presentation.   Product sales/subscriptions/memberships are the source for bonus revenu outside of regular paycheck.   Yep, sounds like a ton of work.  However,  the template is already created!  Note the template EMPHASIZES a come shop at the store approach first and then order online.  


    Suppose there was a niche course for small boutique store owners on how to do just that?  And after the store owner takes the course once, their team members can then enroll?  Ok, I'm writing this course for our store team!


    Before I go too much further in making the course scalable for others -- For those that have small boutique or retail stores, does this sound like an idea to further investigate.


    Thanks in advance for your help,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
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    Former Employee

    Interesting for certain. 


    Would the time the team member would have to invest in this other option reduce their opportunity for direct sales, and therefore increased/decreased pay or commission?  I've noticed most people tend to flow in the direction that's less complicated (and often easier), unless the upside is tremendous.  Can you give a higher commission for the "new sales" because it's going to take the team members more effort to get it "off the ground" and humming along?



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    For consideration: 


    No with regard to competing time from direct sales.  As we look at our sales-flow statistics we find that earlier in the day there are ALWAYS fewer customers and more often than not, there is some "down time".  So, use this time for advertising/managing your mini-blog.  


    They can also work on this ANYTIME so there is essentially the "more you put into it, the more you get out of it."  Most of our team have indicated they liked this flexibility.


    Good idea on adding a bit for getting a new customer into the store.  Because margins are SO slim for online sales, I'll have to look at this closely to know what can be offered for new customer acquisition that may not necessarily just be commission.  Gotta think on this one!


    The key is the training to show them how to use this sales/customer management resource effectively.


    Good thoughts!


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Great that you are thinking about your employees @JMPepper! I feel like happy employees are essential, especially for small businesses. I would "make" my employees to take off at least four consecutive weeks per year. I have some former employees that started businesses on their own and they ask how I managed to accomplish that. My answer never really changes, when it comes to employees you just have to keep a happy staff. What is good for employee health may not seem the best for the bottom line but some of the highest rate of return in business are employee investments. 


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head